Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Almost Daily One-up, 01/27/13

Check in with your body and take a moment to gently release any tensions you might find, and set an intention now to maintain a relaxed physical presence throughout the day. Let the arising of creative energy serve as a reminder, no matter how small: composing an email, setting a table, let each creative act today remind you to release tension and feel yourself alive in your skin. 

Casting notes. The keycenter of D descending indicates energy moving downward from the 2nd chakra to the first, from creativity into manifestation. The scalepoint of “se” speaks of intention; the Perfect Fourth of Percussion speaks of the Divine Feminine manifesting in the physical world.

Musical notes. In the context of a descending D major scale a Db arises from an Ab, referencing the key of Db major: a consonance appearing as a dissonance shocking us into sinking downward chromatic movement. The upper note of the fourth, Db/C#, is the same note as “ti” in the descending scale of D, softening the blow and allowing the interval’s openness to shine. 

About the Almost Daily One-up. A little project taken on by J S Kingfisher for 2013, whereupon he starts the occasional day with a one-card Muzoracle casting asking the question, “What insight or exercise might be most helpful to my readers today?” Subscribe to the Muzoracle Addenda and have them sent to your inbox.

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