Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Moon in Leo, 07/26/14

There is hunger for your offerings if they are given in service. Sound your wish. Let go your anger and aloneness. Embrace the peaceful heart. There is movement outward and movement inward – simply see, do not become. Overcome inertia. Sound your wish – together.

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Tonight marks the New Moon in Leo - a time of creative beginnings. Also in Leo are the Sun and Jupiter, bringing great energy and enthusiasm. It’s a great time for beginning new ventures and adventures, especially of the creative variety. What might the Muzoracle bring to the table?

The keycenter of tonight’s casting is A# ascending. This indicates energy moving upward from the Third Eye to Crown Chakra, and speaks of the transcendence of thought, of leaving even our most cherished notions behind for the higher connectivity available at the Crown. Interestingly, the first thing that strikes us about this casting visually is that it’s very purple – four of its seven positions contain cards in the suit of Voices. The Crown’s color is violet, and Voices tend to speak of issues that transcend the more local aspects of our existence. It would seem our creative adventure has deep roots – growing upward from the tops of our heads.

The first position contains an Accompanist of Voices under the scalepoint of le. Le descending is the point of dependence – it is the Moon at the Earth’s breast. While this scalepoint can speak of what sucks our energy and drags us down, it can also speak of simply what needs us. The Accompanist of Voices speaks of service in the highest sense of the word, of seva. There is hunger for what we have to offer, and not just at a superficial level.

At Position Two we find the Tonality card over do. Tonality is an organic phenomenon that arises from the Harmonic Series. It contains the mystery, musically and otherwise, of center, and its appearance in a casting sounds the question: “What is central?” What is central will generate specific harmonics and create a tonality, and that tonality will resonate with like structures – that is lawful, and cannot be otherwise; it is the Law of Attraction. That the Tonality card appears here over do ascending, the point of intention, insists we’d best be clear about what we want, right from the start; things are lined up in such a way that we just might get it.

The third position is the axis of the casting: here we find a Soloist of Voices crossed with Smaniato over the scalepoint of re. The Soloist of Voices refers to going it alone in a very deep and profound way, rather like the Tarot’s Hermit. That it appears over re, the point of mechanicality, says we go there automatically, without consideration; not necessarily a bad thing, hermits can go a long way, but here it is coupled with Smaniato, which in music is a directive to play a passage with fury. Are we angry with the world? Does our anger justify our aloneness, and our aloneness justify our anger? This position asks us to question our anger and, along with the other Voices in the casting, to build a bridge to others.

The fourth position contains a Major Third of Strings over la, Ease in the Realm of Feeling over the point of acceptance. It’s good to feel good, and fury cannot manifest when there is ease in feeling. This is a marker for being on the right track: look for the peaceful heart.

The fifth position contains a Major Second of Voices under te, the point of opportunity. In the other four suits, Major Seconds refer to two people, or two currents of thought, feeling, or action, that are oblivious, uncaring, and/or not concerned with the other. In the suit of Voices, the Major Second speaks of a realtime awareness of such division; it's essentially a call to see, to step back and, deeply occupying the body, broaden our view. In this casting, a division lies between the Accompanist and the Soloist, between being for the world and being for oneself; the opportunity lies not in choosing one, but in seeing – and contemplating, understanding, and/or possibly encompassing – both. 

In Position Six we find a Minor Seventh of Brass over so, the point of broad challenge. Minor Sevenths speak of a future unknown, and Brass references action: we don’t know what to do, so we hem and haw and don’t do much. The broad challenge – the challenge beyond the immediate circumstances, the big reason why we as individuals are in this situation – is to learn to overcome this inertia, to take one small step at a time, confidently and without worry.

In the last position we find a Unison of Voices under ra, the point of vitality. Unisons always involve two or more – here we see reiterated again the need to work, to be, with others. The fuel for the entire enterprise at hand comes from this – alone we won’t go far.