Sunday, October 13, 2013

Desire as Burden: Almost Daily One-up with Tarot, 10/13/13

The desire for success can be a burden. Who has defined our notions of success? What within is driving us to achieve? Are we having desire, or is desire having us? 

There is sacred desire, that longing that bubbles up from an essential, grounded place within; and there is obsessive desire, that which quietly begins in fear and gorges itself into a monster that overtakes us. It can be surprisingly difficult to discern which is operating within us and to what degree – often, what starts out clean gets stealthily polluted by insecurity and selfishness – fear, in a nutshell – along the way. 

Many traditions would have it that all desire is poison. I would counter that such a notion is poison – it stinks as much of attachment as any addiction, and denies an essential force of nature. The problem is not that we want, or even what we want, as long as no harm to others is involved – the problem is how we want and why.

Everything, from our marriages and career paths to getting out of bed in the morning, is driven by desires, large or small, borrowed or built, hidden or in plain view.  This casting provides an opportunity to step off the train for a moment and consider where we’re going, to consider what it is we’re wanting in relation to who we deeply are.

Casting notes. The keycenter of F descending speaks of energy flowing downward from the Heart into the Solar Plexus Chakra, from the seat of deep feeling into the seat of power and identity. The scalepoint of re descending references the last note in a descending scale, and speaks of that which is needy and draws energy: the weight on a pendulum, the pull of the moon on tides. The Minor Sixth of Strings expresses feelings of longing. The Three of Pentacles speaks of fulfillment of a creative venture, with an emphasis on working with others. My overall sense of this casting is that of an emotional neediness slowing a success that is surprisingly close at hand.