Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cards in Context: A Major Second of Voices

A Major Second of Voices: Diversity. 
Division, disparity, independence in
the realm of being, the higher self,
or the transpersonal.
In Muzoracle mythopoetics, Major Seconds reference division, disparity, or independence. The two notes of the dyad are not defined in relation to one another: they speak of two currents or states that exist in ignorance of or irrelevance to the other. They may or may not be in opposition.

The hermeneutic for the Major Second of Voices is “diversity.” The suit of Voices references the fifth element, aether, and issues regarding being, the higher self, and the transpersonal; the Major Second sounding through the suit speaks of a need to embrace what we perceive as “other.” 

The hermeneutics—single words or short phrases that describe the cards and dice of the Muzoracle—are meant to serve as an entrĂ©e to meaning, not the entirety of meaning. A recent appearance of the Major Second of Voices in a casting points this up. When we think of “diversity,” we might jump straight away to “including others”; in said casting, however, the card referenced disparate currents within. The querent was seeking insight on which of two diverse life paths to take. In the context of their casting, the card spoke of seeing things not as either/or, but both—that integrating both paths was the dharma at hand.