Monday, September 22, 2014

Flying the Dark: Autumnal Equinox – Winter Solstice, 2014

Today, on Autumnal Equinox, we stand on the edge of light and darkness; tomorrow, the darkness prevails – through Yule, when the light begins to grow again. Yesterday, Pluto went direct after a 5 month retrograde: that which we have repressed begins to show itself. The dark of the moon, the new moon, also today, is in Libra, speaking of a beginning where balance is key. Here come the long nights, the secrets and fears, the sensuousness and silent comforts – what is the balance that serves? What will we do well to remember? How shall we fly this dark?

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The keycenter of the casting is C# Ascending – a fine accompaniment to Pluto going direct. Energy moving upward from the Root to Sacral Chakras, from survival anxiety and security issues into creativity and fecundity with a sensuous Venusian edge that Libra loves: that’s where the casting plays out. 

First position, first die: ti ascending, speaking of transitioning to a new a level. The attendant card: an Accompanist of Percussion, speaking of service in the realm of the physical. In order to get through the night, get out of your own drama and help others in a very real way: cook a dinner, offer a room, help finish, help fix. 

The second position marks the axis of the casting: a Minor Seventh of Woodwinds crossing tranquillo over do, the point of intention. The hermeneutic for the Minor Seventh of Woods is uncertainty. Plenty of that in the darkness – meet it with tranquility. Make calm your intent. 

The third position, a Major Seventh of Strings under le, indicating a lack of feeling as a burden. You may not find the inspiration to continue; you might not feel much of anything but ennui. Look to the next position in that case, look to your partner: a due over la, the point of acceptance. This isn’t a solo performance – it’s a duet. 

Does this all feel familiar? Walk it again. You just did walk it again? Walk it again again. The fifth position is repeat under se, the point of inception. The repeat has already begun, and may be further required – but we never cross the same stream twice. Repeat is about perseverance. Beware that Major Seventh back there, that ennui. Stay out of drudge mode – no two repeats are ever the same, and something is gained with every pass.

The sixth and final position brings the Perfect Fourth of Voices under te, the point of opportunity. Something in this particular stew at this particular time – the unfolding dark, the helping of others, the uncertainty faced with calm, the lessons learned through partnership and perseverance –  is opening a door to compassion. That’s a Being shifter, there. A night bloom.