Thursday, October 23, 2014

Serving Peace: New Moon/Solar Eclipse, 10/23/14

Conscience awakens: now we serve peace.

Today is a day rich with mythos: a new moon and solar eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio, signaling completion and initiation via a delving into the shadow self. It speaks of shedding beliefs and behavior patterns that are not serving us, especially those concerning betrayal and self-worth. What does Muzoracle bring to the table?

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Most striking about today’s casting is the preponderance of Voices and Strings, of larger-than-life, deeper-than-mundane forces and big emotion. This is very much in keeping with the Scorpio theme. The keycenter of the casting is B ascending, indicating energy moving up and through the Crown chakra, a giving back to the universe that which has moved through us and transformed. This very holy activity includes a sharp look to the past – in Scorpio fashion, a ruthless and detached look.

The first position is a Minor Second of Voices under me. This extreme dissonance in the deep inner realms indicates an awakening of conscience. The scalepoint of me shows conscience as a governing force. The appearance of true conscience – not the “I feel guilty” variety, but the deep inner knowing that says not this, but this – is a great gift. Here, it must be followed.

The second position is the axis of the casting, its center of gravity: an Accompanist of Voices crossed with a Perfect 4th of Strings under se. Se is the point of inception: here, at this moment of beginning, what begins is giving: the Accompanist of Voices is about serving the higher calling; the Perfect Fourth speaks of doing so with an open heart. The burning away of those beliefs and behaviors leaves us with the strength to be gentle, to serve.

The third position also speaks of beginning, but from the point of view of what we want, what we wish for: do is the point of intention. Above it is a Major Third of Voices: peace.

The fourth position, an Octave of Strings under le, shows powerful feeling drawing energy from us. Scorpio feeling is a downward pull, certainly, and we are entering Scorpio time. The appropriate response when negative feelings overwhelm is not to fight - those feelings will only condense and take on power. Instead, open the heart courageously and dive in, as the Perfect Fourth allows, as Scorpio allows. The Voices will keep singing.

The final position is the Chops card under te, the point of opportunity. Chops indicates facility, and implies discipline and perseverance. Return to conscience, serve, open, remember peace: we have an opportunity here to work, and an opportunity to become more facile in doing so.