Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Almost Daily One-up, 08/14/13

What is it to maintain bodily awareness while communicating with others?

The solemn and serious minor third can imply a kind of quiet finality. When it sounds in Percussion, in the realm of the physical, it references sacred space.

The Musician’s Die in this casting is at G# ascending, indicating energy moving upward from the Throat to the Third Eye Chakra, from communication into insight; the hermeneutic for G# ascending is being understood. The scalepoint of ra descending indicates vitality, a point in process when energy sources are defined and/or tapped.

What we see here, then, is sacred space as an energy source that allows us to effectively communicate. While “sacred space” can refer to an external place, a place at home or in nature, it may be more useful here to consider a sacred space within: a quiet bodily presence, an awareness of sensation. How might maintaining such an awareness, such quiet connection to the body, affect communication with others? Can I hold this awareness and talk at the same time?

Musical notes. In the context of a G# ascending major scale, an A with an F# below sounds, implying the Phrygian mode.

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