Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Almost Daily One-up, 01/23/13

Instead of thinking of things in the usual way or making assumptions, take time to listen to, acknowledge, and respect a different viewpoint. Seeing – not necessarily agreeing with, but seeing and understanding – the basis of another viewpoint can shed light on the perhaps unseen basis of our own, and lead to a broader, more functional understanding of what’s at hand.

Casting Notes. The keycenter of "A ascending" indicates energy moving upward from the throat chakra to the third eye: communication leading to insight. The scalepoint of “re” indicates mechanical or habitual behavior. A Major Second of Woodwinds refers to independent, though not necessarily conflicting, ways of thinking.

Musical Notes. Keycenter + scalepoint + card = A, B, C#: three consecutive whole tones. Not particularly dissonant nor harmonious, not really leading anywhere: just you, me, and what we want, all singin’ away. (Okay, fluting away☺)

About the "Almost Daily One-up." A little project taken on by J S Kingfisher for 2013, whereupon he starts the occasional day with a one-card Muzoracle casting asking the question, “What insight or exercise might be helpful to my readers today?” Subscribe to the Muzoracle Addenda and have the Almost Daily One-up sent to your inbox.

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