Sunday, June 10, 2012

Minor Thirds, Seriously

An interesting casting with an emphasis on a Minor Third of Voices. What does it mean to be serious?

Keycenter: C Ascending

Under me: A Major Seventh of Voices. Your current predicament is governed by an essential lack. The bad news: there is a hole in your spirit. The good news: it may be filled any number of ways – now is your chance. 

Under le: Fermata. The hold-up, the stasis you are experiencing arises from a mechanical, unconscious place within; if you look to find the conductor’s hand holding the orchestra in pause, you will see the hand is yours. 

Axis, over so: An Octave of Strings crossed with a Minor Third of Voices. Beyond the mundane aspects of the difficulties in front of you, the karmic challenge you are facing, the potentially transformative challenge to your life as a whole, involves finding emotional strength where there appears to be none: take heart – expressing a little courage will engender more courage. This is a serious moment for you as a being – how shall you respond in kind? Surely not with heaviness and drama - the Octave of Strings warns against that. What does it mean to be serious? Can you be strong yet light, committed yet open?

Over ti: A Conductor of Voices. The navigation of this transition must be spirit led. The lack in position 1 – what has been filling that lack to this point? Emotion, yes? Action based on despair? The feeling must be strong now, yes, but the spirit, the inner knowing, must direct. How can you hear this voice?

Hear a piano improv of this casting on soundcloud