Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daily One-up, 01/17/13

While it is essential that we acknowledge, accept, and work through whatever feelings come upon us, sometimes after their initial onset our feelings get caught in a kind of feedback loop, drawing energy for no other purpose than to keep themselves alive. Grief can become chronic depression, for example; simple insecurities can become phobias. Once these feedback loops are established we become psychologically, even chemically addicted to them: that’s how they own us. The things that distress us most make us feel strangely alive. 

When we are fortunate enough to recognize this mechanism at work within us, a choice appears: we can pull the plug; we can say, “thanks, but no thanks,” and direct our energy elsewhere; we can simply stop feeding the critter and let it die. This casting speaks of such an opportunity: feelings are flooding through us, yet now we are given a moment of seeing: a vision appears that allows for new possibilities. Seize the day! When that ol’ devil comes a-knockin’, tell him you're busy. What is this new way of seeing and being? What does it entail, where might it lead?

Casting Notes: The keycenter of F Descending references the heart chakra and speaks of "feelings coming down." The scalepoint of "se" indicates "intention moving up." The Tritone of Woodwinds speaks of impetus and transformation in the realm of thought. Musically, the interval between the keycenter and the scalepoint is a downward tritone, while the card creates a tritone going up from the scalepoint right back up to the keycenter. We're talking serious tritone here, a straight ahead blast to a new level.

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