Saturday, April 13, 2013

Almost Daily One-up, 04/13/13 (with Tarot)

You’ve been working long and hard, and learning as you go; and though your work is far from finished, now is the time to present your ideas in a relaxed and confident manner, and bring others on board.

Casting notes. The keycenter of C descending indicates the Root Chakra and its attendant issues: survival, fight or flight, and, especially in this case, groundedness. The scalepoint of se ascending indicates a setting of intention; the Conductor of Woodwinds blossoming upward from it indicates leadership in the realm of ideas. Flowing downward to meet intention from the point of inception is the Eight of Pentacles, indicating a very real-world apprenticeship already underway.

Musical notes. In the context of a descending C major scale, the first chair woodwind confidently sounds an F#, implying an upcoming upward key change to G. (The Eight of Pentacles implies a completed major scale, and so an aspect completed of something still in process.)

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