Sunday, December 14, 2014

Navigating the Halcyon Days, December 14–28

This year, Sunday, December 14th marks the beginning of the Halcyon Days, which run 7 days before and 7 days after the Winter Solstice. In Greek mythology, these days – the “Alcedonia” – marked a time when the Mediterranean seas became unusually calm, so that halcyon birds – kingfishers – could nest. And there is a quiet that becomes available around this time, if we stop to notice. In the short days and long nights leading up to the solstice, there’s a kind of turning inward that happens, a reflectiveness, and a tenderness toward others; gatherings with friends have a different quality, as does our quiet time alone. In the lengthening days after the solstice – in the days between Christmas and the New Year – we find a kind of bright emptiness, spare and clean, and a sense of space to begin; and these days, too, are imbued with a singular quiet and calm.

In the bustle of the season, with it’s parties and shopping and travel and crowds, how can we remember, how can we live more fully, this magical, gentle quiet that’s on offer? How can we be it, share it, make the best of it?

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The casting opens with a gift of seeing: a seismic shift is underway for us at a being level, an evolutionary step up, and we have a sense of it. We are asked to set an intention to commit to this fledgling self, to allow what we are becoming to become our center. We find opportunities for this in our relationships with others: opportunity to see, and opportunity to be. At the same time, opportunities arise for closeness and understanding in the relationships themselves. It’s a lovely thing. All of this happens best during the rituals the season provides: gatherings of two or twenty, dinners, walks in nature, trips to the snow, kids around the tree… whichever best suits us.

Walking out the door, however, we run into difficulty: schedules conflict, traffic snarls, people are late or no-shows, tempers flare. We try and get on people’s wavelength, but we try too hard – perhaps we’re pushing to be heard without listening, or bucking for approval; perhaps they are. The effort required in these situations: lead with the heart. Give. Let go, listen, and give. If it’s their turn to give, give first anyway. You’ll find yourself loved and appreciated without asking for it – and there’ll be room for some of that shiny new stuff to emerge.

The Halcyon Days have their own rhythm, and it’s a polyrhythm: the big boomers of gatherings and events, the crazy cacophony of the mall parking lot, and the quiet pulse of the season itself, gentle as the sea. Focus on one aspect of the rhythm, and you’ll choke and sputter; embrace it all and, like the halcyon, you’ll soar.

A blessed Yule to you all. –JSK

Casting Notes.  Keycenter, D ascending: 2nd Chakra (sacral, creative.) 1st position: Tritone of Voices over fa, impetus in the realm of spirit at the point of revelation. 2nd position: Tonality over do, centeredness at the point of intention. 3rd position: Harmony under te, relationship at the point of opportunity. 4th position: Form under ra, form at the point of vitality. 5th position, axis: Minor Second of Brass crossed with Tuning over re: tuning into others and conflict in the realm of movement over the point of mechanicality. 6th position: Perfect Fifth of Strings over mi, initiative in the realm of feeling at the point of effort required. 7th position: Soloist of Woodwinds under se, autonomy in the realm of thought at the point of inception. 8th position: Octave of Strings under me, strength in the realm of feeling at the point of governance. 9th position: Rhythm under le, rhythm at the point of dependence.

The Halcyon Days derive from the myth of Alcyone and Ceyx, which can be found in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses.”  

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Serving Peace: New Moon/Solar Eclipse, 10/23/14

Conscience awakens: now we serve peace.

Today is a day rich with mythos: a new moon and solar eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio, signaling completion and initiation via a delving into the shadow self. It speaks of shedding beliefs and behavior patterns that are not serving us, especially those concerning betrayal and self-worth. What does Muzoracle bring to the table?

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Most striking about today’s casting is the preponderance of Voices and Strings, of larger-than-life, deeper-than-mundane forces and big emotion. This is very much in keeping with the Scorpio theme. The keycenter of the casting is B ascending, indicating energy moving up and through the Crown chakra, a giving back to the universe that which has moved through us and transformed. This very holy activity includes a sharp look to the past – in Scorpio fashion, a ruthless and detached look.

The first position is a Minor Second of Voices under me. This extreme dissonance in the deep inner realms indicates an awakening of conscience. The scalepoint of me shows conscience as a governing force. The appearance of true conscience – not the “I feel guilty” variety, but the deep inner knowing that says not this, but this – is a great gift. Here, it must be followed.

The second position is the axis of the casting, its center of gravity: an Accompanist of Voices crossed with a Perfect 4th of Strings under se. Se is the point of inception: here, at this moment of beginning, what begins is giving: the Accompanist of Voices is about serving the higher calling; the Perfect Fourth speaks of doing so with an open heart. The burning away of those beliefs and behaviors leaves us with the strength to be gentle, to serve.

The third position also speaks of beginning, but from the point of view of what we want, what we wish for: do is the point of intention. Above it is a Major Third of Voices: peace.

The fourth position, an Octave of Strings under le, shows powerful feeling drawing energy from us. Scorpio feeling is a downward pull, certainly, and we are entering Scorpio time. The appropriate response when negative feelings overwhelm is not to fight - those feelings will only condense and take on power. Instead, open the heart courageously and dive in, as the Perfect Fourth allows, as Scorpio allows. The Voices will keep singing.

The final position is the Chops card under te, the point of opportunity. Chops indicates facility, and implies discipline and perseverance. Return to conscience, serve, open, remember peace: we have an opportunity here to work, and an opportunity to become more facile in doing so.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Flying the Dark: Autumnal Equinox – Winter Solstice, 2014

Today, on Autumnal Equinox, we stand on the edge of light and darkness; tomorrow, the darkness prevails – through Yule, when the light begins to grow again. Yesterday, Pluto went direct after a 5 month retrograde: that which we have repressed begins to show itself. The dark of the moon, the new moon, also today, is in Libra, speaking of a beginning where balance is key. Here come the long nights, the secrets and fears, the sensuousness and silent comforts – what is the balance that serves? What will we do well to remember? How shall we fly this dark?

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The keycenter of the casting is C# Ascending – a fine accompaniment to Pluto going direct. Energy moving upward from the Root to Sacral Chakras, from survival anxiety and security issues into creativity and fecundity with a sensuous Venusian edge that Libra loves: that’s where the casting plays out. 

First position, first die: ti ascending, speaking of transitioning to a new a level. The attendant card: an Accompanist of Percussion, speaking of service in the realm of the physical. In order to get through the night, get out of your own drama and help others in a very real way: cook a dinner, offer a room, help finish, help fix. 

The second position marks the axis of the casting: a Minor Seventh of Woodwinds crossing tranquillo over do, the point of intention. The hermeneutic for the Minor Seventh of Woods is uncertainty. Plenty of that in the darkness – meet it with tranquility. Make calm your intent. 

The third position, a Major Seventh of Strings under le, indicating a lack of feeling as a burden. You may not find the inspiration to continue; you might not feel much of anything but ennui. Look to the next position in that case, look to your partner: a due over la, the point of acceptance. This isn’t a solo performance – it’s a duet. 

Does this all feel familiar? Walk it again. You just did walk it again? Walk it again again. The fifth position is repeat under se, the point of inception. The repeat has already begun, and may be further required – but we never cross the same stream twice. Repeat is about perseverance. Beware that Major Seventh back there, that ennui. Stay out of drudge mode – no two repeats are ever the same, and something is gained with every pass.

The sixth and final position brings the Perfect Fourth of Voices under te, the point of opportunity. Something in this particular stew at this particular time – the unfolding dark, the helping of others, the uncertainty faced with calm, the lessons learned through partnership and perseverance –  is opening a door to compassion. That’s a Being shifter, there. A night bloom.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Moon in Leo, 07/26/14

There is hunger for your offerings if they are given in service. Sound your wish. Let go your anger and aloneness. Embrace the peaceful heart. There is movement outward and movement inward – simply see, do not become. Overcome inertia. Sound your wish – together.

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Tonight marks the New Moon in Leo - a time of creative beginnings. Also in Leo are the Sun and Jupiter, bringing great energy and enthusiasm. It’s a great time for beginning new ventures and adventures, especially of the creative variety. What might the Muzoracle bring to the table?

The keycenter of tonight’s casting is A# ascending. This indicates energy moving upward from the Third Eye to Crown Chakra, and speaks of the transcendence of thought, of leaving even our most cherished notions behind for the higher connectivity available at the Crown. Interestingly, the first thing that strikes us about this casting visually is that it’s very purple – four of its seven positions contain cards in the suit of Voices. The Crown’s color is violet, and Voices tend to speak of issues that transcend the more local aspects of our existence. It would seem our creative adventure has deep roots – growing upward from the tops of our heads.

The first position contains an Accompanist of Voices under the scalepoint of le. Le descending is the point of dependence – it is the Moon at the Earth’s breast. While this scalepoint can speak of what sucks our energy and drags us down, it can also speak of simply what needs us. The Accompanist of Voices speaks of service in the highest sense of the word, of seva. There is hunger for what we have to offer, and not just at a superficial level.

At Position Two we find the Tonality card over do. Tonality is an organic phenomenon that arises from the Harmonic Series. It contains the mystery, musically and otherwise, of center, and its appearance in a casting sounds the question: “What is central?” What is central will generate specific harmonics and create a tonality, and that tonality will resonate with like structures – that is lawful, and cannot be otherwise; it is the Law of Attraction. That the Tonality card appears here over do ascending, the point of intention, insists we’d best be clear about what we want, right from the start; things are lined up in such a way that we just might get it.

The third position is the axis of the casting: here we find a Soloist of Voices crossed with Smaniato over the scalepoint of re. The Soloist of Voices refers to going it alone in a very deep and profound way, rather like the Tarot’s Hermit. That it appears over re, the point of mechanicality, says we go there automatically, without consideration; not necessarily a bad thing, hermits can go a long way, but here it is coupled with Smaniato, which in music is a directive to play a passage with fury. Are we angry with the world? Does our anger justify our aloneness, and our aloneness justify our anger? This position asks us to question our anger and, along with the other Voices in the casting, to build a bridge to others.

The fourth position contains a Major Third of Strings over la, Ease in the Realm of Feeling over the point of acceptance. It’s good to feel good, and fury cannot manifest when there is ease in feeling. This is a marker for being on the right track: look for the peaceful heart.

The fifth position contains a Major Second of Voices under te, the point of opportunity. In the other four suits, Major Seconds refer to two people, or two currents of thought, feeling, or action, that are oblivious, uncaring, and/or not concerned with the other. In the suit of Voices, the Major Second speaks of a realtime awareness of such division; it's essentially a call to see, to step back and, deeply occupying the body, broaden our view. In this casting, a division lies between the Accompanist and the Soloist, between being for the world and being for oneself; the opportunity lies not in choosing one, but in seeing – and contemplating, understanding, and/or possibly encompassing – both. 

In Position Six we find a Minor Seventh of Brass over so, the point of broad challenge. Minor Sevenths speak of a future unknown, and Brass references action: we don’t know what to do, so we hem and haw and don’t do much. The broad challenge – the challenge beyond the immediate circumstances, the big reason why we as individuals are in this situation – is to learn to overcome this inertia, to take one small step at a time, confidently and without worry.

In the last position we find a Unison of Voices under ra, the point of vitality. Unisons always involve two or more – here we see reiterated again the need to work, to be, with others. The fuel for the entire enterprise at hand comes from this – alone we won’t go far.